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Fama Traffic finish new project in Beijing

Fecha de publicación:2018-09-26

Fama Traffic finish new project in Beijing. That is very big moment for expanding north market. In this project all vehicle traffic light,  pedestrian traffic light, traffic light controller and pole supply by us. Our traffic signal main features as follow:

1. High efficiency & long life LED 

2. Reduced operational costs 

3. Moisture and dust resistant 

4. Bright and highly visible illumination 

5. Uniform optical output 

6. Maintains both a high level of phantom contrast  and a good anti-washout performance 

7. Specifically designed to meeting world standards

beijing traffic light

beijing traffic light controller

beijing traffic signal

Fama traffic specialize in provide better solution for ITS since 2005. Main products include traffic plat form& software, traffic controller, traffic signal light, and different kinds of pole etc. Fama products already install in 300 cities in china and more than 100 countries in oversea market.

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