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Fama intelligent traffic control system platform finish test and start to use on market.

Fecha de publicación:2018-09-26

Fama intelligent traffic control system platform finish test and start to use on market.   

Shenzhen Fama Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, production, sales and service of ITS area since 2005. After 13years development, Fama products cover traffic controller series, traffic signal light series and pole series.

2018 is big year for fama ,  we build our own traffic control system platform team to move in to intelligent traffic control software and platform area.  In August. Fama platform team finish new control platform RD. . This platform adopts visual intelligent traffic control, which can realize real-time intersection status detection, equipment failure detection, platform alarm management,etc. Customers can learn the system running situation and handle the fault in real time to ensure intersection running normal.  Precise three-level control, from control center to regional control, and finally to intersection control, which can realize real visual intersection control. At the same time platform supports multiple visualization applications, such as single intersection adaptation control, green wave band , special mission , pedestrian crossing, bus priority, etc.

Fama team focus on ITS more than 10 years, we know intelligent traffic control platform and software is the trend and main part of traffic system, so we will continue to work hard on this to develop smarter system to our customers.  We are looking forward more customers inquiry the control platform and send your requirements.

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