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What are the benefits of LED traffic lights?

Fecha de publicación:2018-04-04

LEDs offer a great deal of benefits to users from all the spectrums. LEDs are certainly a boon when it comes to traffic lights. Here are certain benefits that list out their growing importance.

Energy Savings: With the prices of fossil fuels on the rise with pollution, the world is looking to seek energy saving solutions to cut down costs, and enhance environmental quality. LEDs provide a great way to reduce the energy costs by replacing old incandescent light bulbs with light emitting diodes in traffic signals. The potential savings option has prompted many countries in the world to pursue energy savings contracts in order to upgrade their traffic signals.

Safety & Durability:  LEDs perform a great function of providing energy savings, and tend to work longer without failing. The typical LEDs last from five to ten years, whereas the typical incandescent light bulb burns out after one year’s usage. Thus, if LEDs are installed in traffic lights, they can invariably reduce cities’ maintenance schedules as well as cut the cost of replacing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. This not only increases the safety of the traffic signals, but also drastically reduces the number of accidents due to traffic signals being out of commission.Now coming onto the reliability part, LEDs offer great reliability due to their intrinsic design, which also implements semiconductor technology. The semiconductor material is used to emit light in LEDs, and there are no flimsy filaments to fail, just like incandescent bulbs. Also, the best part about LEDs is that they are installed in traffic signals with many LEDs, so if one of the LEDs fails within the unit, the unit will still be working. Not only are LEDs longer lasting and more efficient, they also focus the light better, making the traffic signal very much easy and visible to see for the oncoming traffic. This immensely helps in reducing accidents, because drivers are able to see the signal better.

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